Clawing Your Way Out Of The Pit Of Depression

Depression is one of the most talked about topics of our society. Everyone seems to have an answer for the invisible villain that cripples millions of us every day. Speaking from experience, I will be the first to say it is no picnic. Depression is one of the hardest things to conquer, and it can vary from emotional numbness to almost physical pain.

No matter how bleak your outlook may appear in your eyes, you must know that someone out there loves you. Love is a powerful force. It can bring you to your knees, but can also raise you up. Sometimes you simply need to ask the people around you for help. It’s amazing how a simple hug and a good long cry can make the world seem like a brighter place.

I don’t care who you are, you have something going for you. You might not always see it, but there is always something there. When you start to look for the beauty in this world, the ugly and dark things will fade away. Sometimes all it takes is driving down the road and looking at how the land and sky touch and the clouds that float above. Taking time to seek out your passion (be it writing like me or something else) will change your outlook on life.

Sometimes in life we just need a little clarity, and some time to focus on the things that make us happy. We can often feel trapped in a dead end job or a toxic relationship and stop seeing the value in ourselves. It’s important to know your own self worth in a healthy way. Instead of looking to others to measure ourselves, we should look inward. Compare yourself with the person you have been and the person you wish to become. Know your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

It is not an easy road, but it leads out of the seemingly endless pit of despair and it will be worth it in the end. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, good nutrition and exercise, as all of things have been known to help improve your mood. My final piece of advice is to find someone or something to love and let it fuel your life. Love can break the chains of depression faster than any medication or therapy. Love your life because it is truly unique and one of a kind. Just simply love.


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