Writers Block: Facing The Silent Killer

Every writer has faced it: the empty white page, blinking cursor and the complete lack of higher brain function.  Writers block is a difficult thing for people who rely on the creative wheels in their brain to turn. The affliction can affect any creative mind, at any time and is truly a silent killer. So, how do you combat something you cannot see, hear or smell?

Sometimes reading a book is really the best trick. It allows your mind to relax and jump starts your imagination. The setting of the book, or a phrase in the text you are reading can trigger a thought process that can lead to the story or paper you are struggling with.

Patience is really the best policy when it comes to combating writers block. You just have to take a step back, go get some coffee and take a walk to get your mind off of what you are trying to accomplish. Come back later after you have gotten some fresh air and find a quiet place to think. Avoid distractions at all cost as they can cause your brain to bounce off topic like a pinball.

For you imaginative folks, sometimes you can literally write about fighting writers block in the form of a dragon or zombie until you get the juices flowing again. If writing, isn’t something you have done for awhile and you feel rusty, remember all rusty things can shine once again.

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